WHITE understands that good oral hygiene is essential to optimum health

More and more studies are showing the link between oral health and systemic overall health. One of the best ways to take care of your body is taking care of your teeth. We all want to avoid painful and expensive dental and medical emergencies in the future. One of the ways WHITE tries to help is by educating its patients on the proper care of their teeth and through non-invasive preventative maintenance.


We enjoy teaching kids to love taking care of their teeth


Means completely painless


Prevent and re-mineralize small cavities


Avoid dental problems down the road

Plans and pricing

Prevention means cultivating an environment conducive to health and removing harmful influences. With our preventative package we will customize your treatment depending on your age, teeth and other intra oral factors. Regardless, you can rest assured that you are protecting your teeth and smile for the long run.



Strengthen your teeth to prevent cavities and other future problems with disclosing pastes, fluoride, sealants, remineralizing pastes, prescription antimicrobial washes and the best electric toothbrush on the market

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    Save time and money at the dentist’s office in the future
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    Perfect for introducing children to oral hygiene
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    Complements our cleaning and polishing
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    No needles and no drills, completely non-invasive and painless
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    Everything you need to protect your teeth and gums against harmful bacteria

Frequently asked questions


What can WHITE preventative do for my child?

WHITE loves meeting your little ones because it gives us a chance to introduce oral hygiene as an enjoyable experience early on in life. By helping teach kids why they need to take care of their teeth and show them their own plaque buildup using disclosing agents, children begin to fully understand the importance of good oral home care. We also will apply sealants on teeth that need extra protection against cavities and strengthen their teeth with fluoride treatment.

What can WHITE preventative do for me?

WHITE preventative program is not only for children. Many adults can benefit from sealants on permanent teeth with grooves and fissures. We also have remineralizing pastes that can help remineralize enamel and even the start of some small cavities (depending on how deep they are). WHITE also carries prescription strength antimicrobial rinses and washes that are only available at a dental office. We will also send you home with our favorite electric toothbrush The Rotadent.

Why is the Rotadent toothbrush better than Sonicare’s?

Rotadent is the only toothbrush that is only available through dental professionals. That is for a reason. They don’t need to advertise because once dentists have tried it, that is what they use themselves and recommend to their patients. Rotadent’s studies show that the secret to their effectiveness lies within its unique brush head. Each Rotadent brush head has 4,577 microfilaments- proprietary bristles that are 1/3 the width of traditional toothbrush bristles. These microfilaments are able to access areas that a standard bristle might miss- below the gumline and between teeth.

Will doing preventative treatment guarantee me a lifetime free of cavities?

Cavities are caused by four factors; environment (your mouth/teeth), sugar (diet), bacteria and genetics. Preventative treatment targets the environmental factor aspect of cavities. We try to make the environment in your mouth non-conducive to cavities by removing plaque, sealing pits and fissures, removing harmful bacteria and strengthening your enamel. This will significantly decrease the risk of future cavities. However, this alone may not be enough to prevent cavities if home care, dental hygiene and sugar intake is not up to par as well. We help our patients target all 4 factors to reduce to risk of cavities.

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