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It impacts the way you feel about yourself and how others see you. Your smile announces you to the world before you even say a word. A brighter smile means confidence, vitality and youth. It says “I’m healthy” and “I care about how I look.”

Not ready to flashy those pearly whites just yet? Let us help.

At WHITE, we only use the highest quality medical-grade teeth whitening products. Plus, unlike most traditional dentists who only use one whitening system, we provide UV-filtered light, laser, and even all natural and organic options. We realize what works for some, may not work for others. Stains can be stubborn and gum sensitivity is a little different. Our highly skilled and trained staff will work with you to find the best, most immediately illuminating, pain free experience possible. Guaranteed. Bottom line, we want you to look and feel your best both in the chair and after you leave our office.


With no sensitivity (multiple sessions in one visit)


By dentists with a gentle touch


For your specific staining and gum sensitivity


With WHITE Ultimate

Plans and pricing

Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to actually change the color of your natural tooth enamel. Our WHITE In-Office treatment includes multiple whitening sessions in one sitting; the dentist will apply, remove and reapply the gel as needed to get you to your whitest shade possible. Also, special care will be taken to ensure your gums and enamel will be protected. Though it may last some time, a touch-up may be needed every so often to maintain your best and brightest smile – particularly if you smoke or drink coffee, tea, or wine.

WHITE offers four different whitening plans to keep you looking your best.


Sensitivity-free in-office teeth whitening
  • +
    Gives you immediate and noticeable results with multiple sessions in one visit
  • +
    Special desensitizing gels ensure pain free experience
  • +
    Customized to the individual
  • +
    Many different whitening modalities available (including all natural and organic)
  • +
    Longer lasting results when paired with WHITE at home



Custom whitening trays with supply of whitening gel

  • +
    Best results when used following WHITE in-office treatment
  • +
    No sensitivity
  • +
    Custom trays can also be used to hold remineralizing treatment
  • +
    Comfortable and easy to wear unlike OTC whitening strips
  • +
    Helps maintain your in-office whitening results



Our ultimate combo in-office whitening + at-home whitening

  • +
    Best value
  • +
    Save $95 with our in-office + at home whitening combo
  • +
    Ensures maximum whitening and longest lasting results
  • +
    Guaranteed whitening results or your money back


$395 pp - 2 person minimum

WHITE will travel to you and whiten your smile!

  • +
    The ultimate in convenience
  • +
    WHITE “in-office” whitening in the comfort of your own home/hotel room
  • +
    Perfect for wedding parties or groups
  • +
    Call us for more details

Frequently asked questions


I have sensitive teeth, can I still get my teeth whitened?

Most dental offices use whatever is enclosed in the “whitening kits” that they purchase from their dental vendors. Sometimes these kits include a generic “de-sensitizer”. Sometimes they don’t. Generic desensitizers don’t work as well as the custom-created WHITE desensitizers. We have a custom blend that we will apply on your teeth to prevent sensitivity.

How long will my whitening results last?

When you finish your in-office whitening, we will send you home with a “WHITE diet” list of foods you should avoid for the first 48 hours. This will extend your whitening results as the “pores” in your teeth are still open and can be easily stained during this time period. The best way to extend your whitening results is with WHITE at home. The custom fitted trays and whitening gel can maintain your results for months when used as directed.

Why should I get my whitening done at WHITE versus at my regular dentist’s office or at a spa?

Being dentists ourselves, we know the importance of protecting your enamel and gums during all procedures. Don’t trust non dental professionals to whiten your teeth. WHITE is dedicated to making you not only look good but feel good too. We use custom blended desensitizing gels before all whitening (and cleanings), which other dentists do not take the extra precaution to do. This helps avoid any sensitivity during the procedure. WHITE in-office treatment for teeth whitening is customized for the individual patient’s staining and sensitivity levels, unlike traditional dental offices who only adhere to one system, ex: everyone gets Zoom! Whitening.

How WHITE can my teeth get?

Typically teeth can whiten 8-12 shades brighter on average. However, each individual begins at a different baseline color and has different gum sensitivities, therefore individual results can vary. With the WHITE Ultimate we guarantee whiter teeth or your money back! We will measure your starting shade and then your teeth shade after whitening.

What is the whitening process?

We start off by measuring your starting shade and recording it. To get the full whitening effect, we highly recommend starting with a cleaning to remove surface stains and plaque and tarter build up that will interfere with the whitening gel. After this is applied, we start the whitening process. Gums will be protected with a barrier and desensitizing gel is applied to each individual tooth, followed by whitening gel. Since we carry multiple whitening modalities this may or may not include use of the UV-filtered light (depending on patient sensitivity). We will apply, remove and reapply the gel as needed to get you to your whitest shade possible. We will record your final shade and apply remineralizing gel to help avoid later discomfort. With the WHITE Ultimate, you will receive a set of custom whitening trays with take home whitening gel to maintain your results at home.

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